The Business Valuation Specialists is a professional business valuation and appraisal firm. Our variety of business valuation options are prepared by a Professional Business Valuator who is either a member of and/or certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA), and/or The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA).

Business Valuation

Our business valuation options include a comprehensive certified business valuation prepared by a Certified Public Accountant.  Such a comprehensive report is typically only necessary when tremendous court scrutiny or opposition is anticipated.  You will find this type of business valuation is required when negotiating a business merger or acquisition when business value is contested; dissolving a partnership or marriage; in business litigation matters or income tax disputes, or when formally planning your retirement or gifting your firm to employees heirs.

In a comprehensive business valuation, we incorporate up to 30 potential valuation techniques and work with your financial team to comprehensively disseminate your firm’s financials and understand each value component of your company to take not only calculate its tangible asset value, but most importantly, determine its intangible asset value.  Every comprehensive valuation report will be idiosyncratic to your firm and will not only incorporate its unique attributes, but also will measure the impact of industry and market trends, competitive market developments, and the overall local, regional, national and global economic forecast.  This report will be in compliance with Revenue Ruling 59-60 guidelines and shall conform to and be in compliance with industry and Internal Revenue Service Standards.

Preliminary Value Estimate

A cost-effective alternative to the fully accredited certified valuation is the Preliminary Value Estimate (“PVE”). If your company qualifies, this condensed valuation may suit your needs without necessitating the hours of research and analysis that drive the costs of a full valuation.  While the report will not be in compliance with Internal Revenue Service standards or Revenue Ruling 59-60, it typically suits the needs of 80% of parties who initially seek a comprehensive valuation.

Such a report is not intended to hold up in court in cases of divorce or dispute resolution, and will not contain the thorough back-up required if intense scrutiny is anticipated.  The report will contain a company overview, a thorough explanation of the valuation methods applied and provide the applicable supporting evidence, however an on-site inspection and management interviews may not be deemed necessary.

Opinion of Value Report

In order to meet each of our client’s potential valuation needs without being opportunistic because of your situation, or because the very non-transparent valuation market lends itself to it, we have developed two products that may best suit your needs and please your pocketbook.  Our Opinion of Value Report and Opinion of Value Letters may be deemed highly informal valuation approaches which are more based on our valuator’s expertise and experience than the costly research and analysis that more comprehensive valuation products necessitate.

The Opinion of Value Report is a brief valuation report that is typically based on 1-3 of the most applicable valuation methods, with a brief market analysis. This report opines an estimate of value that is most heavily focused on comparable market sales taken from subscriptions based databases or in-house business sales comparisons, if available.

Opinion of Value Letter

The Opinion of Value letter is the least costly and most basic option offered. This letter expresses an estimate of value if possible, or more often than not a range of value that is solely based on our staff’s professional opinion.  Supporting data is typically not included in such a letter as it is not intended to withstand external scrutiny.

Market Comparables

Whether you or your clients seeks to have a valuation performed, or you simply seek to gain an understanding of market comparable, we possess several unique databases, some of which are proprietary to our firm, that indicates historical sale values of certain businesses (especially California based businesses with beer and wine or liquor licenses).

Future Value Estimate

Shall your goal be to understand your firm’s future value based on intended growth or the incorporation of other variables (e.g. business acquisitions, industry changes, etc.) we can assist you by modifying any of the aforementioned valuation reports to estimate future value.  While such projects will necessarily be speculative in nature, they may be invaluable tools for any number of planning purposes including contingency planning, return on investment analysis, future dissolution or sale assessment, etc. Any Future Value based product will incorporate pro-forma financial projections and rely heavily on discounted cash flow valuation methods.  Oftentimes this product is invaluable in business plan development, as it not only lends a great deal of credibility to any such plan, but it simultaneously provides investors (or other such intended recipients) a significant amount of confidence in the overall business plan, its thoroughness and professionalism.  A typical no-cost ancillary benefit of incorporating such a report into your Business Plan is the review the plan receives from our staff of professionals who have read and scrutinized hundreds of Business Plans and offer no cost advice with each project.

Business Plan Review

As our staff of professionals have developed, read and scrutinized hundreds of Business Plans, we offer a low cost alternative to having a professional business plan developed.  We encourage you to develop your own business plan, and have a seasoned professional review how sufficient it is for your intended purposes and advice you on the best means of bolstering its credibility without incurring unnecessary expense.  As our team has already possess discounted access to many resources necessary in business plan development, we will typically provide the tools necessary to assist you as part of the Business Plan Review engagement, or we will direct you to the appropriate resources to suit your needs.

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